Automotive Detailing Info

Our Detailing Services provides on-site car detailing services to most of North Seattle, South Snohomish County and the surrounding areas.

Detailing Options

Exterior Detailing

It is important to protect the exterior of your vehicle. It endures various forms of potential damage from various weather elements like snow, rain and sun.

Includes pressure wash tires, wheels, and gas cap, machine buff, polish and wax. Clean chrome and windows, dress tires and exterior rubber, finish brush and check your vehicle all over.

Exterior Detail $150.00 small cars, $175.00 medium cars, $200.00 SUV’s.

Interior Detailing

Includes shampoo and vacuum of carpets, floor mats and seats. Clean dashboard, vents, console, ashtrays, windows, door panels, foot pedals, trunk, dress vinyl and leather. Clean all the nooks & crannies.

Interior Detail $150.00 small cars, $175.00 medium cars, $200.00 SUV’s.

Special Need $45.00 – $150.00 Dog hair, large vehicles, excessive soiling, child or pet wear and tear.

Full Service Detailing

Includes car wash & wax, high speed buff, seat shampoo or leather conditioner, carpet shampoo, clean & condition dash, panels & cup holders, exterior dressing on trim and fender wells.

Full Detail $300.00 small cars, $350.00 medium cars, $400.00 SUV’s.

Prices are based on small to midsized cars and trucks. Full size trucks, vans and RV’s may be price higher. Prices are suggested and may be subject to change.

Engine Detailing

Don’t forget to have your engine compartment and engine cleaned. Remove all the accumulated oil and grime. Never again be afraid to check your oil or to touch other parts of your engine during routine maintenance or parts replacement, such as changing your air filter.


Our Client Testimonials

Evergreen History and Qualifications


With a reputation of over 20 years, owner Javier Acevedo, has worked at different dealerships in the Puget Sound Area. He knows what it takes to detail your car so it will look its best. He takes pride and passion for his work all the time.

Evergreen Mobile Auto Detail understands the importance of protecting our environment. Our priority is client satisfaction, which is guaranteed. Our goal is to make a lasting impression for a continuing relationship.

Our Detailing Services provides on-site car detailing services to most of the North Seattle and its surrounding areas. We come to you with everything we need to meticulously clean and protect your vehicle.


Evergreen Power Cleaning and Exterior Real Estate Staging

We also clean exterior real estate properties and can stage exterior real estate properties for sale

Evergreen Carpet Cleaners

We clean carpets and furniture making the interior of your house look and smell like new

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Evergreen Mobile Auto Detailing